About me

I’m a passionate lover of Music, and everything Music related.

Since before starting my professional career I collected music. Back in the days
it wasn’t as easy, but it was very rewarding. Finding a rare tune, be it vynil or
tape the feeling of playing a record that wasn’t available to everyone is still
what drives me forward. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not selfish about my
music. That’s why I perform with all the energy the music brings to my life. It’s
a love-love relationship.

I’m a long-time resident for the most upscale places in Split, just ask me about
my favorites. Be it summer or winter, I’ve got a mix for every mood, genre and
crowd. And that’s my specialty. I’m always engaged with your visitors, that’s
my mission and I take it very seriously.

Besides regional success, my international portfolio also consists of some of
the top clients a performer can have:

  • Mercedes Benz AMG, The New A-Class 3-week World Promotion, Trogir
  • Cirque du Soleil Amaluna, final VIP party performance, Rome
  • Cigar Club Mareva, final day closing party, Düsseldorf
  • Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, part of Global Classic Riders, Zagreb
  • Berlin GORDON restaurant & records
  • HPB VIP event Fortress Barone Šibenik

And then some more.

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