DJ Masterclass

What is a DJ Masterclass?

Due to frequent requests to mentor or teach DJs about his way of working, a few years ago DJ Matthew Bee started his own DJ Masterclass.

DJ Masterclass by DJ Matthew Bee is a two-day lecture where he teaches candidates everything about his professional DJ path, career and shares his knowledge and skills with them so that they too can one day become successful DJs.

In addition to the theoretical classes at the DJ Masterclass, the practical part is taught and done, from choosing the right music for song processing to basic mixing techniques.


Investing in your own knowledge

So far, dozens of candidates have passed the DJ Masterclass, and those who show interest can become a permanent part of the Cosmic Production agency, regardless of whether DJing is a hobby or a new occupation. Investing in your own knowledge is the most valuable form of investment.


Quality approach

Depending on the interest, the DJ Masterclass is held at least twice a year, in autumn and spring. The DJ Masterclass can also be held in English if the group is English-speaking.

It works with a maximum of 3 candidates, and in this way, it is possible to devote quality attention to each candidate.


Adapted to beginners

The DJ Masterclass is suitable for beginners, as well as existing DJs who want to listen to the experience of DJ Matthew Bee first hand, and learn something new.

DJ Matthew Bee will explain everything he knows about the DJ industry, the basics of working on several types of professional DJ equipment: from turntables, through CDJ 350 players to RX3 controllers, and CDJ 2000 NX2 players, etc.

During the practical work of the DJ Masterclass, each of the participants will have 1-on-1 training in all forms of DJ equipment, as well as the basic techniques of working with it.

In the second part of the DJ Masterclass, work is done by recording a promo mix that is uploaded to the Mixcloud profile of each participant, and work is done on perfecting mixing techniques.





The beginning of your career

In addition to the practical part of the class, in the theoretical part you will learn the basics of communicating with promoters, clubs and restaurants, choosing and creating your own DJ name if you don’t have one or you are running out of ideas, setting up a professional profile on social networks for DJs such as Mixcloud, Soundcloud etc., and creation of a business profile and work strategies on social networks.

At the same time, you will have a professional photo taken that you will use in your initial DJ career.


Valuable gifts

For the most successful participants, a performance was organized in some of Split’s bars, as well as a B2B performance with MatthewBee, and an eventual offer for permanent cooperation in the DJ agency Cosmic Production.

All participants are provided with discounts when purchasing PIONEER DJ professional equipment and BOSE professional PA systems.

At the DJ Masterclass, you get all the necessary work equipment as well as valuable gifts from our sponsors; Amadeus Pioneer Croatia Pioneer DJ and Bossa Nova for Bose.

Student testimonials

Considering that I am a self-taught DJ, I enrolled in the DJ Masterclass because I was interested in what it was about and what it was. DJ Masterclass opened my horizons in terms of career. I will not leave out the fact that I finished the DJ Masterclass and came out with clear information that I will need in my next DJing opportunities and everything related to DJing.

I am very grateful to Matko Boban (DJ Matthew Bee) who was there to explain everything I need to know about the business. I also thank Ivan Boban who was also part of the DJ Masterclass together with DJ Matthew Bee.

Jan Kulaš DJ JAN

Although I had contact with music and DJing before the DJ Masterclass, the knowledge passed on to me by Matko – DJ Matthew Bee was necessary for my further development. You can see, hear and try first hand what it all looks like. The best thing is that as part of the Cosmic Production agency, you can immediately get the opportunity to do this work independently.

DJ Mario Derossi

The DJ Masterclass was the trigger for me to fulfill my long-standing desire to become a DJ. At the DJ Masterclass, I got acquainted with professional equipment and techniques for playing music, and heard the experiences and advice of famous DJs Matthew Bee and Music Selector.

Matea Naranča DJ Orangina

Long-term cooperation with Matko encouraged me to join his DJ Masterclass. I would really like to state here what is important for the context of my personal story, which is that I thought of DJing exclusively as a hobby, without professional performances at all. At the end of the DJ Masterclass, I had a Soundcloud profile with the first mix in my life, a DJ name (although I changed it 2 more times later) and after getting acquainted with the whole wider story of DJing and Matko’s story of personal beginnings, I thought that it’s a shame not to try it. So, in a psychological sense, the DJ Masterclass was a kind of turning point to encourage me to take my first steps.

One thing that may not stand out enough, and for me the great potential of this Masterclass, especially in the future, is meeting other DJ beginners who are all in the same position.

Duje Surić DJ Duxs


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