What is Jazzura?

Radio show and podcast created in 2020 as a response to the corona crisis. The show deals with jazz topics in a simple and understandable way.

Initially the show was broadcast as a podcast on DJ Matthew Bee’s Mixcloud page where you can listen to all the old shows.


Radio show

Already after the first episode, Radio Maestral from Pula showed interest in Jazzura, which has been broadcasting the show on its frequencies since the beginning. Not long after Radio Maestral, Split radio station Sunce also starts broadcasting.

“My desire is to popularize Jazz as a musical direction and raise the level of general knowledge about jazz performers, the vast majority of whom have achieved legendary status”

Your DJ Matthew Bee

Jazzura Mixcloud

If you own a radio station and want Jazzura to sail on your frequencies as well, send us an inquiry here:


Zagrebačka 13, 21000 Split


+385 99 252 8861